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The most frequent questions and their answers are:

Do they shed?
Yes they do, not as much as larger breeds! With brushing it is usually not very much.

Are females better pets than males? In this breed, the
neutered males are just as loving, if not more loving than the females. The saying is that the girls love you, but the boys are in love with you!

How much are they? You can expect to pay anywhere from $1500-2500 for a pet puppy from a reputable, health testing breeder. The going rate in the Midwest is $2000, on the East and West coasts they are higher, as much as $2000- 3000.

Beware of the brokers who collect up puppies from all over
the world, importing them from Ireland (and elsewhere) and then reselling them. You should want to meet the breeder and see the parents and other relatives of any puppy you are considering bringing into your family. If something goes wrong with the puppy the brokers will not be there to take it back or to help you. Also, be leery of breeders who use registries other than AKC or CKCSC,USA.

Cavaliers need to be with people and not kept in a barn or building away from human contact, so also be suspicious if you are not able to see where they are housed. Any reputable breeder will want to establish a relationship with you before they let one of there precious cavaliers leave. They will want you to come and meet the parents/relatives and to be sure that the cavalier is truly the breed for you.


Many of the breeders listed on the Cavaliers Online! Breeder List receive well over a dozen puppy inquiries a day. Sometimes it is difficult to answer every single one. Here are a few tips to help you receive a response.

1. Introduce yourself. At least give your name. The more you write about you and your home situation the better.

2. State your location. A number of breeders do not ship and this will help them answer you. If you are willing to fly in to meet the breeder and see their dogs, let them know.

3. Be as specific as you can as to what you are looking for, pet quality or something to possibly be shown/bred. Puppy only or would an adult be ok? Color and sex preferences, if any. This can save a great deal of time.

4. If you are sincerely interested, give an alternate means to communicate with you, phone number or mailing address. There are so many ways to be anonymous through email that a lot of breeders do not answer if they feel the person is just fishing for information for one reason or another.

One other tip, save the general breed questions for subsequent communications. It would be very helpful for you to have researched and studied the breed before starting to contact breeders.

BE PERSISTENT! Find a breeder you are comfortable with and Keep in Touch!


 Kelsey says puppies expected  fall 2005 and  

housetrained and spayed adults
available NOW!  

Click here for information

If you are looking to acquire a Cavalier, please do not do anything on the spur of the moment, and especially DO NOT BUY FROM A PET STORE or INTERNET BROKER/DEALER. Thoroughly understand the questions you need to ask about health testing, registration, contracts, guarantees and return policies.  

First I would recommend that you read this book:

Click here to order your copy.

A New Owners Guide to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Meredith Johnson Snyder

Then I would recommend that you talk to as many breeders as possible and be sure to see the actual health certificates and clearance exams for hearts, eyes, hips, and patellae. The best to you in your search! Visit Cavaliers Online! and read the archived articles. Also check out my Links for a wealth of Cavalier information.

I feed and recommend: 

My dogs LOVE Canidae natural, holistic dog food!

CANIDAE Natural  Dog Food

I'm addicted to: BreedMate Pedigree Software



Please do not buy from a pet store, broker, or USDA/commercial breeder.

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